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[ATH] Sinister (2012)

Filed Under ( ) by Andrei S. on Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Posted at : 8:19 p.m.

Once you see him, nothing can save you.

addicted to horror

the story
After moving into a new house, a true crime writer and his family start experiencing supernatural phenomena caused by a pagan god by the name of Bughuul.

the good
- thoroughly frightening and intense
- Ethan Hawke is great in the leading role
- the Super 8 footage
- spine-chilling score
- handles the supernatural element of the story well
- outstanding cinematography and camera work
- bold ending

the bad
- clunky make-up and special effects
- a few underwhelming scares
- some awkward lines of dialogue

the ugly
- moderate level of violence and gore
- very high level of scares and frightening scenes
- low level of nudity and sexual themes
- moderate level of profanity

things I learned from watching this movie *possible spoilers ahead*
- it might not be a good idea to move into a house that served as a former crime scene
- true crime writing is a tough racket
- night terrors turn people into demonic creatures
- going on investigative trips to the creepy attic in the middle of the night is a no-no
- don't trust your kids

When it comes to delivering scares and a chilling story, seldom has a film done better than Sinister. Led by a strong performance from leading man Ethan Hawke and filled with frightening content of every variety, this Scott Derrickson directed sleeper hit does horror the right way. By playing around with the concept of found footage and actually producing something worthwhile and creative, Sinister overcomes its flaws that mostly stem from the special effects and make-up department, and emerges as a memorable entry into its genre. It is a true scare trip, and one that fulfils its purpose to a tee.

horror meter: 4 pagan stars (out of 5)

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